Feel good food has never been more in need.

At its best, food has the power to make you feel like all is well in the world (even when it patently isn't). Feel Good Food can lift your spirits & nourish your body - and who doesn't need a big bowl of that right now?

So, this year, our favourite chefs will be sharing their favourite Feel Good Food recipes - powered by Plenish!

Week 1: Gizzi Erskine's Savoury Pancakes with Gluten Free Oat Milk Bechamel

Creamy, comforting, and perfect for Veganuary, this plant-powered pancake recipe combines our gluten-free Oat Milk with fresh leeks and spinach to create a perfectly savoury pancake recipe that's acceptable at any time of the day

Gizzi Erskine

Chef, restaurateur, food writer & TV host

Gizzie Erskine has been an integral part of the London food scene for fifteen years. After leaving a career as a body piercer in Camden and completing her training as a chef at the prestigious Leith's School of Food and Wine, she quickly established herself as an award-winning food writer and stylist.

The Recipe

Delicious savoury pancakes oozing spinach & leek bechamel - what's not to love? This is Feel Good Food at it's most indulgent. It's the perfect treat for weekend brunch, when you've got time to whip up something special. 

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Made with just 3 natural ingredients, using only organic,sustainably-sourced produce of the highest quality and absolutely no additives - not only are our milks the perfect ingredient for Feel Good Food but they're certified carbon-neutral too.

So now every bite not only helps you feel good, but it does good.

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Week 2: Bosh! Chocolate Banana Milkshake Porridge

Love chocolate milkshake? Love porridge? Say hello to your dream combination! With banana and peanuts thrown in for even more Feel Good factor - this might look like a decadent treat but it's packed full of protein and slow-release carbs. So go on, dig in.


Chefs, authors, TV hosts and plant-based pioneers.

Bosh! began life when two newly found vegans came together to plug a missing gap in the market: tasty, accessible vegan recipes. Since launching their Instagram channel, they've gone on to amass a following of over 700k people who all want tasty, delicious and totally do-able vegan recipes that don't compromise on taste.

The Recipe

Chocolate, banana milkshake, peanut butter, porridge. It's like a list of our favourite things - all rolled into one amazing breakfast bowl that's guaranteed to get your day off to a Feel Good flyer. (And heavens know you deserve it). 

Week 3: Isaac Carew's Potato Cakes with Plenish Almond Milk Cheesy Leeks

This savoury brunch recipe is a triple threat, super healthy, super hearty and super delicious. Did we mention it’s all natural and plant-based too? Created by chef-turned-model and cookbook author, Isaac Carew to keep you inspired this weekend.

Isaac Carew

Chef, author, and TV presenter

Chef-turned-model Isaac Carew has worked in kitchens with his dad and godfather since the age of eight, starting out as a Saturday boy picking spinach leaves and cleaning mussels. Seeing this passion through into adulthood, in 2018 and 2019 Isaac joined up with Chef Francesco Mazzei to host a series of pop ups in Francesco’s restaurants, cooking dishes from his debut cookbook, The Dirty Dishes, published by Bluebird and out now.

The Recipe

Put the avocado down, we have a delicious solution to your tired brunch recipes. These Potato Cakes with Plenish Almond Milk Creamy Leeks is the kind of feel good recipe that warms your body and lifts your soul.

Naturally Delicious

Great Taste award winning and made with just three natural ingredients, no additives!

Organic & Sustainable

All our nuts and oats are organic and sustainably-sourced bringing you great taste without compromise - simply put, they're better for you and the planet!

Planet Positive

We are officially B-Corp certified and climate positive, meaning we are beyond carbon neutral from farm to fork.

Week 4: Tom Hunt's Plenish Almond Milk Panna Cotta With Electric Pink Forced Rhubarb

Nothing says springtime like light and refreshing desserts and this Almond Milk Panna Cotta is just that. Created by eco chef and food writer, Tom Hunt, it's the perfect feel-good sweet for any occasion.

Tom Hunt

Award-wining Chef, Food Educator, Writer

Tom Hunt is an award-winning chef, food educator, writer and climate change activist. Starting out his career as a course leader, cook and food stylist at River Cottage HQ and on the River Cottage TV series, Tom has been immersed in demonstrating and presenting from a young age. Over the years, he has become a real driving force behind changing the way we eat for the better, as seen in his book Eating For Pleasure, People & Planet. In response to the global issue of food waste, he takes a holistic approach to food that encourages each and everyone of us to reduce our environmental impact through the food we cook and eat.

The Recipe

Make the most of rhubarb season with this deliciously light Plenish Almond Milk Panna Cotta. Made with just three natural ingredients - almond milk, date syrup and agar agar - and topped with electric pink forced rhubarb.

Simply the best. 

As if we needed MORE reasons why we’re the best…

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100% plant-based. B-Corp certified. Carbon Negative 


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